10 Odd Skills You Can Learn Online

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10 Odd Skills You Can Learn Online

Here is the list of odd skill that you can easily learn from online and totally free. I have collected top and best list from internet only for you, so you don’t need to jump on internet and waste of time for searching this type of skill. You can share this helpful info if you like.

  • How to Yodel — Discover yodeling of the alpine variety.
  • How to Tie a Tie — Be trained how to tie a Windsor knot, , bow tie knot, Pratt knot and more.
  • Meditation — Yes cool your mind.
  • How to Juggle — Here you can learn to juggle with two and three balls. When you have mastered that, move on to more tricks.
  • How to Hula Hoop — You do not have to be wearing a flower crown at a song party to be good at hula hoop.
  • How to Pick a Lock (PDF) — You can easily learn to pick a lock, and you are well on your way to becoming an international spy. Just make certain you only perform on your own locks.
  • Improv— A largest compilation of resources for improving theater on web.
  • Origami — Study how to produce jewelry, dinosaurs, Halloween decorations, and even your preferred Star Wars characters.
  • How to Tie Shoelaces — Discover 41 diverse ways to lace and tie shoes.
  • How to Rock Climb — Learn basics of rock climbing. If this is not sufficient, check out this article series.
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