10 Tips for the Suit Wearer

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10 Tips for the Suit Wearer


  1. You have to buy high quality suits. Save your money by buying less costly shirts.
  2. Your first suit should be charcoal colored. Charcoal is suitable for almost any condition.
  3. Utilize 2/1 pattern rule. Between your tie, suit, and shirt, two of them should be solid, the other patterned.
  4. Shoes and belt must match. How well shoes match with your suit does not matter to the degree that how well they match with your belt.
  5. Fashion design is more significant that quality. Suits will look better on you and last longer.
  6. Always take off your suit jacket at your desk. Otherwise the elbows will wear out.
  7. Never button the bottom button of your suit jacket. Button is there for dry cleaners and tailors, not for the wearer.
  8. Take your suit off when you get home. Never cook in your suits.
  9. Button your jacket when standing, unbuttons when sitting. Jacket bunches up if you sit with it buttoned.
  10. Put on your tie after you have brushed your teeth. It is an easy way to ruin a tie if you do not.


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