100 % Proved-Natural Hair Loss Solution

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Hair loss is a very common and widespread problem. This problem seems to be taking out all the joys out of a man’s life. It causes all sorts of awkwardness when men begin to lose hair and baldness begins to appear. In many communities these men become a matter of joke. People tend to make fun of them. Besides it drives away most of good attentions. For a man, it is actually humiliating.

So we require a solution for this kind of hair loss problem. Luckily there is a solution in our home that may solve this problem. You might be surprised to know that you didn’t know how easy the remedy is. Solution is Onion and Garlic. It has been proven that onion and garlic juice healing is successful.


The treatment process is in fact simple and far less costly than most of the solutions they advertise on television. Here is how you proceed with it. You take onion and garlic (you can take as many or as less as you want) and blend them. Just mix a little water to have proper juice. Then you can filter them to extract only the juice and not all the tiny shredded pieces. At this moment apply the juice in affected area softly. Let the juice soak in. It is best to do it at night before sleeping. In the morning or after it’s dried up wash your head.

Then apply coconut oil or olive oil and massage you scalp. It is best to use amla oil. If you continue the process, it is highly probable that you will see good results in just a couple of months. Please note that, this solution may not work for the ones who have inherited baldness genetically. A good precaution would be making sure that you are not allergic to either or both the onion and garlic.

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