20 Tasks You Can Do Today to Better Yourself

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20 Tasks You Can Do Today to Better Yourself

Yes, here are some tips and tricks that will help you today to do something better yourself. You have to try to do these tricks on daily basis later on you will able to do all of these works habitually.


  1. Try to rest after finishing your work.
  2. Be pleased about the taste of your food. Savor the flavors.
  3. Try to write a short story.
  4. Try meditation.
  5. Try to talk with people with smile.
  6. You can pick up some litter.
  7. Make an effort to experience things like you were experiencing them for the first time.
  8. Write down some cool things that happened to you today.
  9. Have a real conversation with someone. Try to get to know them.
  10. Commit to memory three really cool facts.
  11. Build something with your bare hands.
  12. Be a tourist for a day. Find touristy things to do in your hometown.
  13. Go the whole day without looking at a screen.
  14. Be taught some constellations.
  15. Give away something you do not require anymore.
  16. Start a dream journal.
  17. Make a piece of art.
  18. Do not find fault even once.
  19. Invite a friend over for coffee.
  20. Be committed to be good for next day.

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