Apple ‘Fake Factory’ Raided in China

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Apple ‘fake factory’ raided in China

What is China doing? We know that China is such a country in which products are produce in bulk amount and also in cheap price, but now a day we furthermore came to know that fake factory is pervading in china. A factory which allegedly made up to 41,000 fake Apple iPhones has been raided in China and nine arrests.

The action reportedly involved “hundreds” of workers repackaging second hand smartphone parts as latest iPhones for export, with counterfeit mobiles produced which worth 120m yuan ($19m).

These factories was discovered on 14 May, 2015 however was revealed on social media by Beijing’s public security bureau on Sunday, 2015, according to the reports.

It is note that the operation was set up in January. It was led by a husband and wife team, on northern outskirts of Chinese capital, according to the Beijing authorities.

They said they had been alerted to the factory by US authorities which had seized some of the fake mobiles.

Then China has also agreed to work with US authorities to attempt to stem large quantities of counterfeit goods flowing between the two countries.

The discovery of factory comes four years after fake Apple stores were found in Kunming city, China.

News Credit: BBC


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