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10 Website to Deliver You the News

  1. — Google aggregates the top stories from sources across the world.
  2. — News that categorized by topic and country.
  3. — An interactive map that showing latest news stories.
  4. — View the most engaging news on the web.
  5. — A place that aggregates the top headlines from your favorite websites like Reddit, Digg, and Buzzfeed.
  6. — Search trending terms and find out what people are saying.
  7. — Live stream of the latest news.
  8. — Map of the things trending on Twitter across the world.
  9. — Get only headlines from various news outlets.
  10. — Discover and also share latest news on your favorite topics from the sources you trust.

9 Websites to Relax You

  1. Calm.Com — Really Helpful Site. Keep Calm And Visit This Website.
  2. Classyfireplace.Com — Sit By The Fire And Listen To Some Smooth Jazz As The Rain Falls. 
  3. Donothingfor2minutes.Com — Just Relax And Listen To The Waves.
  4. Thequietplaceproject.Com — Take 90 Seconds To Disconnect From Everything.
  5. Weavesilk.Com — Mesmerize Yourself With Some Soothing Visuals.
  6. Rainymood.Com — Relax Yourself With The Trickle Of Rainfall.
  7. Showerti.Me — Simulate The Soothing Sounds Of A Shower Without Wasting Water.
  8. Coffitivity.Com — Enjoy The Gentle Buzz Of A Coffee Shop In The Morning.
  9. Noisli.Com — A Background Noise Generator With Forest Sounds, Train Sounds, Wind Sounds, And More.

The super yacht submarine

Bored of life on deck? Ultra-lightweight Super Yacht 3 submarine from the U-Boat Worx offers hours of underwater thrills

One might be forgiven to think that purchasing options in the ultra-exclusive world of private submarines would be in nature thin on the ground. But rather the opposite is true. Actually, there are a number of subs out there fitting for budding Cousteau, in all sizes and shapes.

Possibly most famous brand in this area is Triton, and its latest 3300/6 is a remarkably huge beast that can whisk six, brave passengers to depths of up to 1,000m at speed of three knots. Its huge acrylic hemispheres give the on-board submariners superb viewing of ocean sea life.

US Submarines has sleeker Discovery 1000 if you prefer a more James Bond aesthetic. Speaking of which, if this is your dream then look no further than Orcasub, a two-man torpedo from Sub Aviator Systems that must bring your inner Troy Tempest to surface.

On more bonkers end of things -but still very clever- you have wonderfully monikered Penguin from the Korean companyRaonhaje, which floats on surface but includes a big disc-like viewing pod submerged beneath waves. Much easier and certainly one for those not also interested in retracing the derring-do of Mr James Cameron.

Now though, U-Boat Worx, a company with the considerable form in this field (you may recall seeing Russian President Vladimir Putin captaining its C-Explorer 5 in July 2013), has unveiled its new Super Yacht Sub 3.

Competent of taking three people to maximum depth of 300 metres (there is also 100 metre version), Super Yacht Sub 3 is particularly designed for super yacht owners. Most of above examples and others on market are sizable crafts but this latest sub very small and very light. It is simply 171cm in height and 3,500 kg in weight, therefore will stow away on a super yacht with ease. With its flexible lifting arrangement, it can be simply adapted to fit any crane configuration.

Six powerful thrusters can easily handle strong currents, while inside creature comforts are on hand with the luxury leather seating and air-conditioning.

42kWh lithium-ion battery system will let up to 12 hours of ocean-going fun but possibly the killer characteristic is the transferable “Manta controller” that allows the passengers to get turns in driving the sub.

Should anything not go to plan, there are a number of security features, including a safety buoy, drop weight and also 96 hours of life support. But faint heart on no account found fair shipwreck.

Production models will be available for the delivery from September 2015, and prices will start from €1,750,000.

7 Quiz Websites to Keep Your Brain Sharp

1. Sporcle — Quizzes on every facet of trivia out there.

2. Math Run — Test your math knowledge.

3. Free Rice — Just expand you vocabulary and feed hungry.

4. Lizard Point — Learn and also practice your geography.

5. Games for the Brain — Various types of logical puzzles.

6. Quizlet — Pick a set of memorize, flashcards, and learn.

7. Memrise — Memorize  countries, vocabulary,or even Pokemon.

5 Books for the Male Fashion Aficionado

  1. Dressing the Man by Alan Flusser — Definitive guide to what men need to know to facilitate dress well and look stylish.
  2. The Handbook of Style by Esquire — Very important information on every aspect of a man’s wardrobe.
  3. Style and the Man by Alan Flusser — The dos and don’ts of buying and wearing quality clothes.
  4. Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Berhard Roetzel — A tried and tested guide on the matters of quality and style from choosing a good tailor to proper shoe care.
  5. Details Men’s Style Manual — Head-to-toe advice for choosing right look, right fit, and also right style for every condition.

Does Facebook Make You Lonely?

Are people becoming lonelier even as they feel more connected online?
Hayeon Song, an assistant professor of communication at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, explored this topic in recent research.
Song’s study looked specially at Facebook, which, with more than one billion users and growing, is a foremost force in people’s social interactions and everyday life.
The work of Song and her team, published this summer in Computers in Human Behavior,analysed data from relevant existing studies to bring to a close that there is a relationship between Facebook use and loneliness. The researchers concluded that feeling of loneliness brings its users to Facebook, rather than because Facebook makes people lonely.
Song writes that advance study of the issues is significant because loneliness is linked to psychological and health issues for example depression.

Trying to fool a kindergartner? Not so fast

From the words for colors to how to tie a shoelace, kids have lots to learn and for the most part, they depend on others to teach it to them.
But whether intentionally or inadvertently, people sometimes misinform o rmislead. So at what age can kids tell reliable teachers from confidence tricksters?
New study published in PLOS One by psychology researchers from Concordia and University of British Columbia shows that by the age of five, children become cautious of information that provided by people who make overly-confident claims.
“Our study gives us a window into children’s developing skepticism, social cognition and critical thinking. It shows us that even though kindergarteners have a reputation for being gullible, they are in fact pretty good at evaluating sources of information. Parents can use this ability to help guide them in their learning,” researchers write.