Doctors Need To Advise New Mothers

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Doctors Need To Advise New Mothers

Appropriate sleeping positions, vaccinations, breastfeeding and pacifier use are aspects of infant care that new moms should be advised on, according to a latest study.

Working with a total of 1.000 new moms, researchers from UK’s National Institutes of Health found that about 20 percent of mothers don’t collect advice from doctors about how to care for their beloved babies.

More than 50 percent of mothers said they receive no guidance on co-sleeping or sharing their room with the baby.

This study was published in journal Pediatrics.

A simple statistics is that Black and Hispanic women were more probable to receive suggestion from physicians than white women, and first-time mothers were more expected to hear advice than mothers with two or more children, study said. Advice from doctors generally aligned with national recommendations, but 10 to 15 % of the advice was contradictory on breastfeeding and pacifiers while 25 % was inconsistent on sleep position



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