Facebook Integrates Whatsapp Into ‘Facebook For Android’

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Facebook Integrates Whatsapp Into ‘Facebook For Android’

After 1 year of acquiring mobile messaging service WhatsApp, Facebook has begun testing a latest aspect in its ‘Facebook for Android’ app that includes first major integration of WhatsApp.

Social networking site has added a ‘Send’ button with familiar WhatsApp icon like a part of the status actions buttons that become visible under each status update.

The latest button appears on the right side (for left-to-right languages) for some users in the most recent version of Facebook for Android app, the Geek Time reported.

This move appears to be first step towards connecting the two platforms so as to keep up growth and take control of messaging market together.

According to reports, teams are already working on a deeper integration that will contain the capacity to send messages between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, which last said it had 700 million monthly active users, and was acquired by the Facebook for over $20 billion in February last year. Facebook Messenger at present has 600 million monthly active users.


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