Facebook to Scale Up Free Mobile Internet Service To Boost Usage

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Social Media Facebook to Scale Up Free Mobile Internet Service To Boost Usage

Now a day our popular social media Facebook Inc plans to scale up its service to present free necessary Internet on mobile phones, an executive said, after introducing application in 17 developing countries over the past year.

In blog post released to mark the first year of the initiative, Facebook said it will release a portal allowing any mobile operator to offer the service under its Internet.org platform.

Facebook presently partners with the specific operators to start the service in diverse countries.

It should be noted that Internet.org has brought more than 9 million people online over past year, Chris Daniels, vice president of product for Internet.org, told Reuters on Monday. And Facebook also developed the platform by six technology partners to carry an estimated 4.5 billion unconnected people online, generally in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Facebook was not paying for any of data being used to contact the service, he said.

Internet.org application, launched in India in February in partnership with the Reliance Communications, faced counterattack with a number of leading technology and Internet firms pulling out of service after activists claimed it violated the principles of a impartial Internet.

A committee of telecoms ministry arrangement to examine the issue of net impartiality previous this month recommended that collaborations between the mobile operators and the content providers that permit “gatekeeping” roles should be discouraged.


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