Google Fiber Heading To Salt Lake City

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Google Fiber is heading to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Google made the declaration in a blog entry Tuesday. The city joins a few others where Google is setting down link to give staggeringly quick Internet access. Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and both Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina are getting Fiber soon.

Google Fiber conveys Internet paces of up to 1 gigabit every second. That is 100 times quicker than most current rapid Internet systems. You could download a whole music collection in under six seconds and a full length film in 38 seconds with Google Fiber.

The administration has effectively gotten stellar audits from clients in Kansas City, Missouri and Provo, Utah, where the ultra-quick Internet administration costs $70 a month. Include TV and it knocks up the cost to $120. Google is additionally offering slower, free Internet for no less than seven years for a development charge, which goes in the middle of $30 and $300.

As of late, the quick Internet administration has made dynamic zones for cutting edge new companies, who profit enormously from the speedier access.

“I can hardly wait to see what the city does with superfast Internet,” said Devin Baer, the partner city director of Google Fiber in Salt Lake City.


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