How to Use Google to Convert Currency

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How to Use Google to Convert Currency

Have you wanted to find out how much something priced in Yen costs in US dollars? Have you wondered how many Canadian dollars it would take to buy fifty Australian dollars? It is easy to find out with Google.

Just use regular search box and search for starting currency in desired currency. For example, to find out how much the Canadian dollar is worth in US dollars today, I would type in:

canadian dollar in us dollar

he screen along with my answer in bold type. This is because currency conversion is part of Google’s Hidden Calculator.

Remember, you do not need to capitalize things in Google searches.


Google is amazingly forgiving with the way you phrase things. You can type “one Canadian dollar in American dollars,” “CAN in USD,” or “Canadian money in US money” and get accurately the same results.

You can identify small change for most currencies, for example US cents. You can ask for conversions of more or less than one unit, such as “fifty US cents in Yen” or “.5 USD in British pounds.”

Shortcut Technique:

Just click here “” and select your desired currency then click on conver.



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