Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

 2016 ‧ Mystery/Crime film 1h 58m

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is a American action thriller film 2016, directed by Edward Zwick and written by Zwick, Richard Wenk and also Marshall Herskovitz. A sequel to 2012 film Jack Reacher, film stars Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Aldis Hodge, Danika Yarosh Patrick Heusinger and Holt McCallany. The plot follows Reacher going on-the-run with an Army Major who has been faultily framed for espionage.

Investigator Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) springs interested in action after the arrest of Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), an Army major accused of treason. Suspecting fetid play, Jack embarks on a mission to verify that the head of his old unit is guiltless. After crossing paths with the law, Reacher has to now go on the lam to uncover the truth behind a main government conspiracy that involves the death of U.S. soldiers.

  • Release date: October 21, 2016 (USA)
  • Director: Edward Zwick
  • Budget: 60 million USD
  • Film series: Jack Reacher Film Series
  • Producers: Tom Cruise, Don Granger



“Jack Reacher : Never Go Back” “Behind the Scenes-01

“Jack Reacher : Never Go Back” “Behind the Scenes-02

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Detailed About- Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Directed by
  • Edward Zwick
Produced by
  • Tom Cruise
  • Don Granger
  • Christopher McQuarrie
Screenplay by
  • Richard Wenk
  • Edward Zwick
  • Marshall Herskovitz
Based on
  • Never Go Back
    by Lee Child
  • Tom Cruise
  • Cobie Smulders
Music by
  • Henry Jackman
  • Oliver Wood
Edited by
  • Billy Weber
  • Skydance Media
  • TC Productions
Distributed by
  • Paramount Pictures
Release dates
  • October 16, 2016(New Orleans)
  • October 21, 2016(United States)
Running time
  • 118 minutes
  • United States
  • English
  • $60 million
Box office
  • $61.6 million



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