Lightskin LED Seat Post

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Lightskin LED Seat Post

The Lightskin LED is really a stylish tool that replace you standard seat post. It is a seat post that comes with 5 LED that keeps you safe on road. Lightskin LED is powered by 2x AA batteries that last for 50 hours. Priced from $69.

LED Touch Buttons: LightSKIN incorporates LED lenses and buttons into one assembly presents smooth touch together with its unique method of button manipulation.

36 grams when embedded in a seatpost, weight of LightSKIN Touch is only 36 grams excluding batteries. Among those tail lights that use AA batteries, it is regarded like one of the lightest.

How was LightSKIN created?

The main idea is that LightSKIN has LED circuit and batteries built into seatpost, and numerous holes are crafted to let the light of LED circuit come out of seatpost. yet, because seatpost of a bicycle is a significant component that supports most of weight of the bicycle user, it takes big warning in processing and assembling the seatpost. LightSKIN solved this difficult problem by the following three solutions:

  • Touch-type LED mode control button
  • Batteries separated from the circuit
  • Unique internal circuit fixture structure


Features of LightSKIN


Five high brightness LEDs


(Minimum) 50 hours
The entire ON mode ( 5LED mode No. 5)
(Maximum) 400 hours
The minimum power mode (3LED mode No. 2)


Two Alkaline AA batteries


Waterproof for everyday life

Operation  Modes:

Ten modes
Five modes (5LED) plus Five modes (3LED)


Approximately 36 grams
LightSKIN’s weight without batteries


Φ25.4mm, Φ27.2mm, Φ30.9mm
Φ31.6mm, Φ33.9mm
(Various other sizes are also possible)
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