Amazing Pet: Living With Neil the Lion

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Amazing Pet: Living With Neil the Lion

This is not a staged photo shoots, it is a series of images documenting the real life of a family of living with a lion.

This series of amazing images that taken from 1970s of Neil the Lion carries a chilling backstory which should remind us all that. It is no matter that how much we might Love or feel them. It is true that most of the time we never truly understand the pure mind of a wild animal.

In this scenario when Griffin was a teenager, her mother who was an actress named Tippi Hedren and her stepfather, director Noel Marshall, decided they wanted to make a film about big cats after returning from a trip to Africa and seeing them in person. An animal trainer suggested they geet to know them better by living with a Lion, so they ended up taking Neil into their HOME.

Their life with Neil seems to have been veru nice but their movie, “Roar” didn’t go quite so well. Melanie required 50 stiches after being attacked by a Lioness that was part of the movie and cinematofrapher JAn de Bont had to have his scalp sewn back on. 7- people wound uo being injured by the movie;s cast of 150 large predatory cats. The movie cost more than 17.5 million and made only 2 million dollar.

The movie “Roar“ came out in 1981, starring Hedren, Griffith, Marshall, and 150 untrained large cats. The filming production left 70 people from crew injured, with Melanie Griffith with 50 facial stitches from a lioness attack. Inspite of this, Hedren still lives with 70 animals, including Michael Jackson’s Bengal tiger, in the Shambala Preserve that she founded for mistreated or neglected exotic animals.

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“Tiger Attack” from the movie “Roar”


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