Managers Need To Know To Build And Use Information Systems Successfully

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Which Features Of Organizations Do Managers Need To Know About To Build And Use Information Systems Successfully? What Is The Impact Of Information Systems On Organizations?

All current organizations are specialized, hierarchical and impartial using explicit routines for maximizing competence and efficiency. All organizations have their personal cultures and politics arising from differences in interest groups and they are truly affected by their surrounding environment. Organizations vary in goals, served, group’s leadership styles, incentives, social roles, types of tasks performed and type of structure. These characteristics help make clear differences in organizations’ exercise of information systems. Information systems and organizations wherein they are used act together with and influence each other. The introduction of a new information system will affect organizational structure, goals, values, work design, and contest between interest groups, decision making and day-to-day behavior. At the same time, information system must be designed to provide the needs of significant organizational groups and will be shaped by the organization’s structure, processes, business culture, goals, politics and management. Information technology can decline agency costs and transaction and such changes have been accentuated in organizations using the Internet. Latest systems disrupt established patterns of work and power relationships; therefore there is often significant conflict to them when they are introduced.

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