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Satya Nadella, Named New Microsoft CEO; Bill Gates Steps Down .

Satya Nadella, (India-born insider), named new Microsoft CEO;and Bill Gates steps down. The software company announced on Tuesday that Nadella will replace Steve Ballmer, who said in August that he would leave the company within 12 months. Satya Nadella will become the third leader in the software giant’s 38-year history, after founder Bill Gates and Ballmer. Read more……

Satya Nadella: ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ Could Finish First As Microsoft’s Next CEO

Satya Nadella: ‘Mr Nice guy’ could terminate first as Microsoft’s next CEO. Everyone seems to love Nadella, seen as a modest, down-to-earth guy who is good at the building relationships. But this ‘polite guy’ won’t have it easy.

All rounder, humble, shy, collaborative, super nice, very technical, deeply engaged a visionary leader and strong willed. Though, if all these are qualities that the Microsoft board is looking for in its third chief, after the founder Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Hyderabad-born Satya Nadella is right man for that job.

That’s how friends, colleagues, and a cross section of industry leaders and technology industry watchers describe 45 year old Nadella. Calling Nadella “among the brightest brains at Microsoft”, Ravi Venkatesan, former chairman of Microsoft India, said “Nadella’s power lies in building relationships.”

Nadella fought with hard battles within Microsoft and brought in group effort within teams,” says Staten James, vice president & principal analyst Forrester research. On what makes Nadella a frontrunner for the CEO Job, James adds, “Microsoft’s culture is the unique and take an outsider relatively a while to recognize and affect change upon. Nadella has already shown that he can make the kind of change needed for Microsoft.”  Read the full story here…

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