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What Is The Different Between E-Business, E-Commerce, And E- Government?


screenshot6E-business (electronic business) refers to the use of digital technology and the internet to execute a firm’s business procedures.It consists of internal business processes and processes for coordination with suppliers and others external entities.



E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the part of e-business dealing with the purchase and sale of goods and services over the internet, including with support activities for example marketing and customer support.


screenshot5E-government refers to the application of internet and networking technologies to digitally permit government and public sector agencies’ relationships with citizens, business, and other governmental bodies.

How Do Systems Serve The Various Levels Of Management In A Business?

Systems serving operational management are transaction processing systems (TPS), such as payroll or order processing, that track the flow of the daily routine transactions necessary to conduct business. Management information system (MIS) and decision support system (DSS) support the middle management. Most MIS reports condense information from TPS and are not highly analytical. Decision support system (DSS) support management decisions that are unique and rapidly changing advanced analytical models and data analysis capabilities. Executive support system(ESS) support senior management by providing data that are often in the form of graphs and charts delivered via portals using many sources of internal and external information.

What Are Business Processes? How Are They Related To Information System?

A business process is a logically related set of activities that defines how specific business tasks are performed, and represents a unique way in which an organization coordinates work, information, and knowledge. Manager need to pay attention to business processes because they determine how well the organization can execute its business, and they may be source of strategic advantage. There are business processes definite to each of the major business functions but several business processes are cross functional. Information system automates parts of business processes and they can help organization redesign and streamline processes.