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Facebook Celebrates its 10th Birthday

Mark Zuckerberg as well as Facebook has passed 10 years successfully and today (Tuesday 4th Feb 2014) Social networking giant Facebook is celebrating its 10th anniversary on Tuesday.Created in a Harvard dorm room in 2004.

So there are ten candles on the Facebook birthday cake and a phenomenal decade. 10 years before it did not exist now, Facebook has more than 1.23 billion users; including 945 million who use social network on a mobile device, to put that in perspective it’s something like population of India. According to the research firm eMarketer Facebook has become the second-largest recipient of digital advertising spending behind Google, and is particularly strong in mobile ads.

It was the revelation of Mark Zuckerberg. The anniversary comes on back of soaring profits of 1.5 billion dollars for 2013.
But it has had to address legal issues: last year Facebook paid 20 million dollars in a class action lawsuit regarding users’ images being used in the advertising content.

Researchers at Princeton University predict a bumpy ride for the social network site in the next decade, saying its user base will desert it as it falls out of fashion.

By using same research methods as the university Facebook responded saying Princeton might be in danger of disappearing completely.


India: The next big thing for Facebook

She is the India head of a global firm that celebrates its 10th anniversary this week, and the company’s founder is a tech icon who says India will be the next big thing for his business. She appears positive the Indian market can bring what the boss wants.

Kirthiga Reddy (42), chief of Facebook in India, declares her challenge is to make the Indian firms see Facebook as a mass media but not social media. “That is the shift that I see, that’s the kind of discussion I have with Indian CEOs and CMOs,” Reddy says.

“Zuck (Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook) observes India as a key market…..a big market for our monetization force, a lead market for emerging the economy models,” says Reddy, who joined with company in July 2010. “What we learn in India, we put into operation elsewhere,” she adds.

India numbers of Facebook are impressive: more than 93 million users, and second only to the US user base and as many as 75 million of these are on mobile (According to December 2013). Given FB’s worldwide announced importance on exploiting the mobile platform, Facebook India seems to have perfect kind of platform. Read More…..

Zuckerberg Makes $3B in One Day as Facebook Stock Surges

Very good day at the office for Mark Zuckerberg. He made $3 billion.

With the Facebook’s stock rising 16 % to an all-time high over $61 on Thursday, social networking company’s founder and CEO’s wealth also shot up by more than $3 billion to $29.7 billion, according to the Wealth-X.

That is up from net worth of $20 billion that he hit at the Facebook’s IPO in May 2012. And his net worth has almost tripled since those dark days of the Facebook’s post-IPO depression last year, when Zuckerberg was down to his last $10 billion.

Zuckerberg may perhaps be the richest 29-year-old American ever.