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Forty Percent Would Steer Kids Away From Football

Forty 40 percent of Americans would steer their children away from the football because of concerns about concussions, (A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds.)

Finding comes in midst of a main lawsuit which questions if National Football League has done sufficient to prevent concussions or care for players with brain injuries.

According to the poll, those at different income stages observe the issue in a different way. Respondents among the highest income were more probable to say they did not want their children to play football than those with lowest incomes. Read More

Photo and News Source: nbcnews

Teacher Arrested After 350 Dead Pythons Found At Home

California neighbors complained of stench for months. Police say breeder neglected snakes after his mother died.
Police of Southern California arrested the teacher of an elementary school ,Wednesday after 350 dead pythons were found in his home.

Neighbors in Orange County city of Santa Ana said they had complained for some months regarding the stench of the death, which could be smelled 300 feet away and made residents gag, (the Los Angeles Times reported.)

William Buchman was charged with animal cruelty Jan. 29, 2014, after hundreds of dead snakes were found in his home.(Photo: Santa Ana Police Department)

William Buchman (53), who is a teacher and teaches in upscale Newport Beach, was booked for animal cruelty after police served a search warrant.

About all of the snakes (but two) were dead and rotting in the five-bedroom home, which was filled with the garbage and feces from rats and mice. Trash filled the backyard.

Buchman was breeding the snakes to attain various color and patterns.
Such “morphs” had beforehand fetched $1,500 but at present sell for about $200 since the market is oversaturated, Sondra Berg, an animal services supervisor, told the Register.

She said Buchman was it appears that depressed by death of his mother’s three years ago, which worsened a hoarding disorder and caused him to neglect the snakes.

Photo and News Source: usatoday