The Great Wall of China – Everything You Need to Know About the Great Wall of China

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Length: 21,196 kilometers (13,171 miles) total, not continuous

Height: Varies, up to about 8 meters (26 feet)

Translated Chinese Name: Chang Cheng, “Long Fortress”

Watch-towers: The Ming-era Great Wall (Recent wall) has an estimated 25,000 watch-towers along its length.

Construction Time-frame: Earliest fortifications, 7th century BCE through repairs in present day.

Major Construction Eras: Qin Dynasty (221 – 206 BCE), Han Dynasty (206 BCE – 220 CE), Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644 CE)

Materials: The Older walls were mostly rammed earth; Ming Great Wall sections comprise brick and cut stone sections.

Purpose: The Great Wall of China was intended primarily to protect the cities, agricultural fields, and trade routes of settled farmers from raids and invasions by nomadic peoples from the north and west.

Deaths during Initial Qin Construction: Unknown; Estimates range from 100,000 to over 1 million.

Is the Great Wall Really Visible from Space? No. It certainly cannot be seen from the moon, contrary to rumor, and is not visible to the naked eye from low Earth orbit, though it can be seen from the International Space Station with the binoculars or a camera zoom lens.

Everything You Need to Know About the Great Wall of China

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