The Power of Photos: Boy’s Life Changes After He’s Pictured Doing Homework Outside McDonald’s

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The Power of Photos: Boy’s Life Changes After He’s Pictured Doing Homework Outside McDonald’s

You can see this little boy is studying outside of a McDonald’s has the Internet buzzing. (Photo: Joyce Gilos Torrefranca/Facebook)

Here are two images of a boy shows doing his homework under the light of a McDonald’s in Philippines have gone viral and inspired an outpouring of donations and support for third-grader’s struggling family.

Joyce Gilos Torrefranca, a student in Mandaue City, spotted the young boy in recent times and says significance of the moment struck her. “For me as a student, it just hit me a lot, like big time, “she told ABS-CBN News.”I hardly ever go to coffee shops to study. And then this kid, he does not have anything but he has commitment to study.”

According to ABS-CBN, Daniel’s family has been homeless since their home was destroyed in a fire. They currently live in a close by restaurant where Cabrera’s mother, Christina Espinosa, a widow, works with one of Daniel’s siblings. His other sibling is sick, the news station reported, and Espinosa only earns the equivalent of about $1.77 per day, which means Daniel often goes to school with no food.

After publishing the photo the rounds on local organizations, social media, including a welfare agency, reached out to support the family, according to ABS-CBS. Local police officers gave the family groceries and some cash, sponsors are chipping in to give Espinosa with capital to start her own business, and Daniel got a scholarship grant from a local politician.

A simple image can make a huge difference. I hope Daniel’s story will help to continue touching our hearts so that we will always be inspired and motivated in every situation we face in our life.

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