Top 10 Lists of the Internet World’s Most Popular Sports

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Top 10 Lists of the Internet World’s Most Popular Sports

Hello sports fan; I have listed a list of top 10 most popular sports, as listed on website. The website author notes that this list takes into account the population of countries and is based on general surveys or discussions on internet. This is same sport order like some other lists found online. Source of the fan numbers is unknown.

Soccer is obviously the most popular sport in terms of fans. FIFA World Cup held every four years has a huge TV audience. Over 30 billion people watched the 2006 World Cup in Germany (I know that is more than the world’s population, this figure is an ‘accumulated’ audience, meaning if people watched more than one game, which most people did, they were counted each time).

On the same website, there are top sports lists for each country, based on estimated number of fans by using a very appealing method to measure popularity. The lists are based on results of website visitor traffic analysis (using Alexa traffic rank) of over 300 sports websites, which reveal which sports the internet users in the exacting country are most interested in. Regional popularity gives an insight into where the fan base is located around the globe.



Estimated Fans

Regional Popularity

1. Soccer / Association Football 3.5 Billion Europe, Africa, Asia, America.
2. Cricket 2.5 Billion Asia, Australia, UK.
3. Field Hockey 2 Billion Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.
4. Tennis 1 Billion Europe, Asia, America.
5. Volleyball 900 Million Europe, Australia, Asia, America.
6. Table Tennis 850 Million Europe, Africa, Asia, America.
7. Baseball 500 Million America, Japan.
8. Golf 450 Million Europe, Asia, America, Canada.
9 Basketball 400 Million America.
10 American Football 400 Million Europe, Africa, Asia, America, Australia.
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