You No Longer Need an Apple Device to Use iWork

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You No Longer Need an Apple Device to Use iWork

Apple’s iWork for iCloud is an online suite related to Microsoft Office Online or Google Apps.

This cloud-based version of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote was initially restricted to owners of an Apple device for example an iPhone, Mac, or iPad. As of early 2015, users across myriad platforms at present have the option to create an iCloud account which grants access to the productivity apps.

The iWork for iCloud suite is free, though you do need to sign up for an account.

Online Storage Included

Signing up for iCloud gets you 1 GB of free online storage, which will be useful since iWork for iCloud is a wholly online suite.

The implication is that you will require to have a consistent internet connection in order to work with documents stored in iCloud or this version of Numbers, Pages, and Keynote.

Official System Requirements

Of course, Apple still recommends their desktop and mobile tools above other platforms. But company does list particulars for more than their own devices on their official iCloud System Requirements page.

I recommend visiting this page no matter what gadget you are using iWork or iCloud on. It includes a table with operating system version requirements for numerous individual features including:

  • Bookmarks
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • iTunes
  • Keychain
  • Reading List
  • Mail and Mail Drop
  • Family Sharing
  • Find My Friends
  • iCloud Photo Sharing and My Photo Stream
  • Two-step Verification

In summary, this structure requirements chart shows how many iCloud attributes other than iWork are only available to Apple device owners.

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